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If you’re shopping for the beauty-obsessed who better to turn to for a recommendation than our beauty-obsessed stylists themselves?

We asked our own stylists what their favorite beauty obsessions are and why they love them.

So here they are from the beauty-obsessed, product junkies themselves…

David McCarthy

“I love the Oribe Radient Drops. I used the whole bottle on my own skin. I love that it makes your skin soft, glowing and not overly product feeling. I also love that it brightens!”

Amanda Nagel

“I’m in love with the Oribe Silver Pearl Perfume. I love it because it smells sooo good!  It’s something really unique. “

Kelly Lewis

“I love the Oribe Cote d’Azur Body Creme. It smells so good, I can smell it all over my sheets.”

Amy Jo Thompson

“Hands down Kérastase Ciment Thermique – by the gallons – Haha!  It’s what keeps my hair growing & healthy. I’m giving it to all my long haired friends this year.”

Alexia Kingsley

” I love the Oribe Night Ceremony Cream.  It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy film on my skin”

Evan Lowe

“I love all of the Oribe Makeup line!  The nail polish goes on like gel, dries quickly and has amazing color.  The lipsticks go on velvety smooth without a dry looking finish and the colors are beautiful.”

Nick Shober

“My favorite product is Oribe Imperial Blowout. I don’t know how to explain it, it just works!  It’s a great product that adds alot of thickness without being heavy.  I use it on 90% of my blowouts.”

John Samlaska

“I love the Oribe Perfumes.  The Silver Pearl and the Cote d’ azur. I like to mix them.  Initially I liked the Cote D’ azur more.  Now I like the Silver Pearl best.  I like to mix them because I really can’t decide which one I love more.  And I love the bottles. So pretty on your shelf.”

Cassi Shober

“I love the Oribe Balmessence Lip Treatment Balm. I buy them five at a time.  It moisturizes your lips for a really long time and it actually works!  Totally worth the $35.”

Shauna Raisch

“I love the Oribe Flat Brush.  It feels amazing on your scalp.  Especially if someone else is brushing your hair.  It is super pretty too, even the box is pretty!  It’s an everyday luxury that every long haired person should own.  It makes a beautiful gift.”


She loves the Oribe Cote d’ Azur Eau de Parfum.  She got it as a gift and she always smells amazing!

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